Pennsbury Students Participate in the National School Walkout

Students at Pennsbury High School participate in walk-out.

credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions

A somber mood set the scene as students from the twin campuses of Pennsbury High School met in the middle to honor the fallen.

Today marks four weeks since the shooting in Parkland, Florida and students across the nation are participating in walk-out protests. Senior Reed Markowitz organized the protest with help from the administration, and led the moment of silence by reading off the names of those who were killed last month.

These are kids our age. No student or teacher should have to go to school in fear of being shot.
Reed Markowitz calls the names of the fallen.
credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions
Before stepping down from the stairs of the aquatic center, Markowitz expressed the concerns of everyone’s mind:

This is time to say “enough.” We need to push legislation to stop this from happening.

School officials estimate half of the student population participated in the morning's event. Principal Reginald Meadows was pleased by the calm and cooperative manner the students came together for the protest.

While no other protests have been discussed with school administration at this time, the National School Walkout is slated to happen on April 20th – the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. For more information go to the National School Walkout website. 

Falls Township Police were on hand to ensure the safety of the students. 
credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions

Students file outside from Pennsbury's East building, heading for the meeting point at the flagpole near the stadium.
credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions

Students walking up the path from the West side, joining others assembled outside the aquatic center.
credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions

Principal Meadows and District Communications Coordinator Ann Langtry discuss the success of the student-led event.
credit: Hugh Fegely/KW3HD Productions