Hugh Fegely created KW3HD Productions after many years working in the media industry as well as completing his post-graduate work in Television Management through Drexel University. As a news professional, he has covered stories from local wildfires in Eastern North Carolina to high school and college sports, as well as producing professional sports talk shows simulcast as livestream and radio productions. Writing and shooting for local news in Lower Bucks County, he felt the community was lacking in adequate, professional quality media services. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of the research into the hyperlocal media scene for the area, he decided to gather the resources necessary to establish a next-generation media company to provide the "hyperlocal hyperconnectivity" his graduate thesis discussed.

What is "Hyperlocal Hyperconnectivity"?

The term "hyperlocal" relates to the current news trends in the 21st Century; printed newspapers are fading away, unable to keep up with the evolving trends in technology, and being replaced with more localized online offerings. These hyperlocal news outlets may cover a smaller territory than a traditional newspaper, but at the same time they are able to reach a larger audience through the internet - and do so in a more timely fashion, instead of having to wait for papers to be printed and distributed.

"Hyperconnectivity" is the idea that ours has become an "always-on" society. The term was coined as part of the Master's thesis to discuss how local media has to embrace this concept in order to provide the connected information to the public in support of the hyperlocal news.

This is the core of what KW3HD Productions represents - providing professional freelance media services in a timely fashion for your local events, giving that hyperconnectivity option to reach your audience.