Bristol Gets Development Award

It’s another award for the Bristol community – this time for community development.

The Bucks County Commissioners have awarded Bristol Borough $121 thousand under the federal Community Development Block Grant. This is a grant which provides funding to perform a wide range of unique development needs. Allocations are made to the state, and each county is then given a portion to award their areas in order to perform needed upgrades or new development in those towns.

For Bristol, this means seven intersections in the vicinity of the Snyder-Girotti Elementary School will receive upgraded curb ramps in compliance with upgraded regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is part of an ongoing upgrade process, according to Bristol Borough Engineer Amanda Fuller and Manager James Dillon.

The intersections are along Beaver and Buckley Streets, and will provide these corners with “Detectable Warning” areas under the new ADA requirements. This is the raised dome portion recently appearing in many intersections and allows for a better identification of the ramp area and edge of the curb for the vision impaired.

These upgrades will assist the more than 300 residents in the immediate area of the school.

With this award, the borough will now be surveying the intersections and design the upgrades. Once this is completed the bidding will begin, and it is hoped that work will begin by this summer.