Special Olympics 2018

Let the Games Begin!

Halfway across the world, athletes are competing to see who is the best in sports at the Winter Olympic Games being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Every four years the world gathers for these games, and for a little while there is unity and friendly competition amongst the countries of
the world.

But every year, there is another group of athletes which participate in their own Olympic Games. The competitions begin in mid-Spring, culminating with a State-level games in June - but their practices have already started. Every Saturday morning, Coach Tom Delaney gathers the local athletes at Harry
S. Truman High School to get these special participants prepared for the start of the 2018 Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games season. For Delaney and his athletes, the first competition is at Council Rock North High School, on April 21st.

From the standing long jump, to long distance running, the Special Olympics Summer Games bring track and field participants out for a day filled with fun and friendly competition in the same spirit as the traditional world event every four years. Coach Delaney has been running the Life Skills
program for Truman, and been involved with the Special Olympics program for over 30 years. Last year he was chosen to be the Head Coach for the Pennsylvania track and field team which will head to Seattle, WA in July for the National Special Olympics.

While heading to the national competition is a great honor, Delaney knows it all starts on the local level every year, with the special athletes and their families that he works with on a daily basis. Being honored with the selection as head coach for the national games, it is an accomplishment which recognizes the ongoing efforts he has achieved in working with his “extended family” of athletes. When not coaching, Delaney is a vocal advocate of Special Olympics, working fundraisers to promote awareness of the events, the athletes, and their families.