What is KW3HD Productions?

There are many details about the name of our company. The obvious part is the "Productions" - we are a local small business in the Lower Bucks County area of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. Our primary product is media production - whether written, audio, still photography or videography. With multiple years of experience covering most aspects of the emerging technologies and production development, our goal is to provide such services to those in need.

But what exactly is KW3HD?

First, it is a callsign. The Federal Communications Commission licenses individuals to operate radio and electronic equipment in the Amateur Radio Service. They offer such licenses either in a first-come-first-serve listing, or a specific "vanity" callsign can be requested based upon the license level the user has obtained. In this case, this is a vanity callsign; it was selected to honor old ham radio operators who have since passed on, who had the initial K or W letters to start their callsign. The 3 is a number designation for the specific zone within the US where the licensee resides. And finally, the HD represents my initials. In international standard phonetics, this callsign would be sounded out as;
     Kilo Whiskey Three Hotel Delta
Colloquially, it can also be sounded out as Kilo Watt Three High Definition.

Thus, the concept of the company was ignited.

Kilo-Watt 3 represents the old-school idea of broadcasting. Output power of television and radio stations was described by the wattage transmitted - 3KW or 3 Kilowatts isn't a huge amount, but is still a fairly powerful level at twice the legal limit that Amateur Radio Operators are allowed. The rest of it - High Definition - is almost self explanatory. Video is delivered today in a High Definition signal, and we will provide that high quality product with every job.

The idea of hyperlocal hyperconnectivity comes from the college research and data available regarding the ever-changing television industry and how it relates to the "Always On" society we now live in. Thanks to the portable computing power of modern cell phones and tablets, we are all connected at the touch of a screen. Content produced by the big studios and commercial news outlets has to keep up with this hyperconnected society, and KW3HD will do what it can for the hyperlocal communities to fill in the pieces where the big studios don't always come.