Hyperlocal Hyperconnectivity

There is no doubt that the world is getting bigger - and smaller - at the same time. As the population races to the next multi-billion person mark, we find ourselves connected in so many ways - cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, cable, fios, the Internet of Things. Life is evolving, and revolving, around technology. It makes daily living easier, connecting with others near and far at the push of a button or just talking to our "Siri"...

And as the world gets smaller, often our glimpse at other parts of life gets smaller as well.

Our daily news is curated at the highest levels, and disseminated as those companies and corporations see fit. Gone are the days of the little local newspaper, and even the bigger newspapers are being bought out or closed down. Television took over a lot of the news reporting in the last fifty years, but it seems in the last ten years there has been less coverage of local events, and more emphasis on situations out of the area - or out of our control. The increase in population should mean more of a workforce, but thanks to technology, there are even fewer who work directly in or with the news media... thus, the lack of coverage in the suburbs and small towns unless it's a major story.

Enter the local independents. People who have, for one reason or another, taken it upon themselves to fill in that gap, find the niche market and report the local happenings. Often referred to as the hyperlocal news, this is enhanced with the hyperconnectivity which is granted to the people thanks to the portability of communications and computing power.

With KW3HD Productions, that hyperlocal reporting will take on new meaning. With a studio-quality  system of video and computing power, we will provide professional media services and freelance reporting to the communities in Lower Bucks County and the surrounding area. From voice-overs to breaking news, to commercials and live stream events, we will fill in where the old media left off.