Work in Progress

Well, it has been nearly six months since I last posted, almost a half a year since the job shift from being just another one of the video technicians to becoming the Executive Producer in charge of the livestreaming crews. In that time, I've coordinated and produced live events such as the primary debates for congress in April, high school and American Legion baseball, and the bevy of professional sports talk shows from the Bull Session with Dan Baker and "The Bull" Greg Luzinski, Baseball Insiders with John Brazer and Tommy Greene... and now that football is back, Monday Night Kickoff and the Pro Football Report.

Tonight's show was the Pro Football Report, hosted by Merrill Reese. As the "Voice of the Eagles" for over 40 years, Merrill brings out guests from the Eagles - past and present - and talks up the game, and the people involved. While the show is primarily a radio interview, with the addition of livestreaming it also becomes a televised production - this is where I come in. Through the use of lighting and camera angles, I can give something for a view to enjoy along with the discussions which happen along the way. Since these shows are held on location at various restaurants (Chickie's & Pete's usually) the changing landscape can sometimes mean being creative with camera and light placement - not to mention the audio and ancillary equipment necessary to get the show on the air and web.
the office tonight - PFR
The office tonight - Pro Football Report at Chickie's & Pete's on Roosevelt Blvd

Next up is high school football. We are already a few weeks into the season, and this weekend I head to Neshaminy High School for their game on Friday evening, and then follow the Conwell Egan Catholic team to face off against Landsdale Catholic Saturday afternoon.

I've decided the work I do as Video Engineer for these (and other) shows should be linked here, an ongoing "demo reel" of my activities.  Images of the show - my mobile office in action - will be shared here as well as my usual Facebook post... just to give people a glimpse at the space I sometimes have to work with.

Sometimes, you just never know who you might meet...
Mickey Dolenz - yes, THAT Mickey Dolenz!