Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Random Work

On top of the livestream video work I do, there is occasion to fill in on news and other duties with the radio station. Companies will sometimes pay to advertise and include a PSA message in their copy, and I will grab these readers to mix up the voices otherwise used; often the advertisers request our station manager - the Voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese.

Here is just a sampling of a few of these ads:

Missing Children:  1127

Child Safety - Drive Safe: 1033

Toys for Tots:  0902

Honor Vets - Blood Drive:  0799  0800

Voiceover work is simple, for the most part, but combining it with background noises or music, timing out to meet the 30-second limitation for most commercials, and sometimes squeezing more into that brief moment than might otherwise be possible makes this a fun challenge.

Just thought I'd share the randomness.

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