Saturday, April 13, 2019

Consider This – We Still Don’t Know

It has been three weeks since the Mueller Report, and subsequent Barr Summary, were announced and released (respectively). For all of the talk online and on the airwaves, we still don’t truly know what the Report contained, and Barr – along with so many close to Trump – are playing everything close to the chest. Congress put forth a resolution for the full report to be released by April 2nd– a time which came and went without a peep from the Attorney General or Justice Department – and Barr still refuses to release the report.

Although recently, Barr did express that once the full report has been redacted, it will be released to the public. This means Barr – with unknown input from unknown sources – will be drawing lines through various sections to “declassify” the report, hiding certain segments which might be sensitive material. Information which might relate to ongoing investigations (of which there are many others which were initiated based upon early findings of the Special Counsel investigation process). Other line-outs will be to protect the innocent (supposedly), or other names which are not under investigation, presumably to protect against alleged repercussions those people might face. There is just so much to question still, and Barr is taking a longer time than many believe necessary in order to release the Report.

Pundits and other talking-heads still talk about this report, often providing opinion about the findings based upon rumor and conjecture – most of which stems from what others are talking about in their own opinion. While some of the supporting investigators from the Special Counsel’s staff have started to speak out about their duties while serving in that group, no one has specifically said anything which will be found in the report. However, there are certainly disagreements between these underlings’ statements so far, and the four-page Summary which is the only official document released so far.

Consider This – we still don’t know anything.

Until Barr releases the report – even in a redacted version – no one can say “THIS is what is on the report.” Conjecture and supposition fill the void for now, but The People, through our properly elected officials, have demanded the release of this report. Barr tries to go against precedent, through the delays and censoring of the report, but this will not deter those who demand the Truth and will not accept the lies and deceptions which are continually presented by the current administration. 

We are tired of the vitriol. Tired of the prevarication, the prejudice, the political maneuverings which have attempted to divide this country. We are a union of states, a union of The People, and we cannot sit idly by and let a select few try to foment discontent between Us. Between 2016 and now, the country has seen an exponential increase in hate-related incidents, some of which have originated with statements from the top levels of our own government. The lack of transparency with the Mueller Report just fuels the fires of discontent and distrust in the federal government, and the administration tries to redirect this by attacking others – including elected representatives within the Legislature. 

It is time – it is WAY PAST time – to release the full Report, and let The People decide how they want their country to be run; the 2018 mid-term elections are a good indicator as to the change in that direction, away from hate and towards hope.

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