Saturday, September 22, 2018


It's been a busy start to the season, as football games and other shows take up a lot of the week. Baseball is winding down - you can catch the Baseball Insiders final shows, with John Brazer - Phillies Director of Fun and Games - tomorrow (September 24) and next Sunday (September 30th) as well as the Bull Session. The shows, along with all the others throughout this season, are archived on WBCB Sports.

Football is where it's at these days, with the Eagles and professional teams back in action, as well as the local high school football scene. Check out the latest for Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Conwell Egan, and the Mercer County line ups. WBCB runs at least two games on Friday and Saturday, and often more, and we are constantly being thanked and often praised for our efforts to bring the local games to a national level through livestreaming.

There is a lot already being done, and more I hope to accomplish for the station and our community, with the livestream options with WBCB. Taking shows on the road, such as Speak Your Piece and Yardley Boro On Air, and the fall sports-talk line up already active (Monday Night Kickoff and Pro Football Report), helps keep an active presence in the community, and can open up even more possibilities for the station in the future.

For now, keep an eye out on WBCB to know where we'll be next.. and check out the shows above to see just what's happening with the WBCB TV streaming efforts I'm heading up.

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