Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Promotional Promotion

Certain changes happening at the local radio station have provided the opportunity for me to step into a newly created role of Executive Producer for WBCB TV. This basically means my freelance work for this AM station is becoming valuable to their operations, and with a change of Program Manager, the incoming PM does not have the technology background or television experience. So with that I become his assistant, working the technology to promote the current streaming events and continuing to advance the capabilities at WBCB1490.com and WBCBSports.com in the coming years.

What this means for KW3HD Productions is the opportunity to grow a current service, but also allows us to take our services to the next level. As a small, veteran-owned business, we can provide the streaming or recording services your organization needs, whether as a one-time event or over the course of a season or year. From a simple talk-show format, to live entertainment or sporting event, let us help coordinate your video coverage.

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